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Have a puppy or adult dog over 6 months? Scroll down to find our next available group class!

Great news! All our classes are now running indoors at our new training venue in Seville. We offer comprehensive training classes for dogs aged 6 months and older, and puppy classes will start from July onwards. To be put onto our waiting list, please complete the forms below. Otherwise, enroll in our upcoming class for dogs 6 months of age and above! If you have a puppy under 6 months of age, please contact Wandin Vet Clinic's Puppy Classes for basic training.

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To be notified when enrolments open for the next available group class please complete the form below. In-home consultations are also available. Please complete a contact form if you are instead interested in in-home consultations or if you are unsure as to what would be most suitable for you and your dog.

Can't find an available class?

Please complete this form & you will be contacted when enrolments open for the next available class!

How do you prefer to be contacted

Thanks for registering. We will be in touch via email or phone when enrolments open. Please note this can take up to 4-6 weeks depending on availability.

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