Don't let lockdown prevent you from achieving your goals with a new puppy or existing dog

Phone or Zoom (video conference) consultations are available to help address training or behavioural issues from the comfort of your home. Guidance for those that have just added a new puppy or dog to their family is also available.

Cost for Zoom consultations*:

  • General training = 95c per minute for general puppy or adult dog training consultations

  • Behaviour consultations include a behaviour assessment, education/exercises and written behaviour report:
    1hr Zoom consult + report = $114
    1.5hr Zoom consult + report = $132.50
    (Follow-ups: 1hr Zoom consult + report = $95)

    *Examples of general training include jumping on visitors, pulling on lead, teaching behaviours such as sit, stay, drop, recall, etc.
    Examples of behaviour consultation issues include reactivity on lead, excessive barking, destructive behaviours, anxiety, etc.


Affordable & Flexible

Private training consultations are for behaviourally sound dogs and puppies* that just need some help with basic exercises such as:

  • How to walk on loose lead

  • Sit, drop, stay, responding to name, go to mat

  • How to resolve common problem behaviours such as jumping on visitors or puppy mouthing

  • Recall under minor distractions

Consultations can be booked for 30min, 45min, 60min and are conducted in your home or a suitable outdoor location.

*Please note that behavioural issues require a more in depth behaviour consultation and cannot be resolved within a training consultation. Depending on how many exercises you would like to work on will depend on how much time is allocated and how many consultations may be required.

Cost: 30min = $74, 45min = $84, 60min = $102
+ Travel if more than 15kms from Woori Yallock, 3139.


Thorough & Individualised

Private dog training consultations are available for dogs with specific behavioural problems. The initial consultation is 1.5hrs (1x 45min video conferencing + 1x 45min face to face)  and involves a thorough behavioural assessment, discussions to identify any specific behavioural problem/s and a thorough training plan is developed for your specific situation so that you and your dog can achieve your goals. You will be coached through any relevant exercises in order to modify your dog's behaviour. Each consultation includes a behaviour report which is emailed to you after the consultation.

Examples of a behaviour consultation include on lead reactivity or aggression, excessive barking, destructive behaviours, separation distress, anxiety, etc.

*Cost: Initial consultation (1.5hrs) + report = $168.70
Follow up (1hr) + report = $122
Additional follow ups that do not require a report (45mins) = $84
+ Travel if more than 15kms from Woori Yallock, 3139.

*Most behavioural issues require a minimum of 2-3 consultations to see significant improvement or to be fully resolved. During the first consultation we can estimate how many consultations may be required. Packages are also available at a discounted price.


More than just exercise!

A perfect service to provide your dog with not only exercise but the opportunity to teach new behaviours and improve existing problem behaviours such as pulling on lead, recall and general manners.

I come to your home, take your dog for a walk and train them at the same time! You can choose what behaviours you would like me to work on or I will tailor the session to what I think your dog needs.

Cost: 40 minute walk and train = $55, 1hr walk and train = $75
+ Travel if more than 15kms from Woori Yallock, 3139.

Discounts available for regular walks/sessions.


Every Wednesday evening - pay as you go!

Many puppy parents have missed out on face to face puppy training due to the pandemic. Online training has many benefits. After all it is the most important period of a pup's life and shapes the adult dog you will have for many years to come.

We will be running a lesson every Wednesday evening for the foreseeable future. Each lesson covers different topics and enrolments are casual meaning you can pay as you go, rather than having to enroll in a whole course! All you have to do is purchase the individual lesson you want to attend.

Each lesson is live, therefore you will have the ability to ask questions.

Cost: $30 per 45minute Zoom lesson