Affordable & Flexible

Private training consultations are for behaviourally sound dogs and puppies that just need some help with basic exercises such as:

  • How to walk on loose lead

  • Basic exercises such as sit, drop, stay, responding to name, go to mat

  • How to resolve common problem behaviours such as jumping on visitors

  • Recall under minor distractions

Consultations can be booked for 30min, 45min, 60min.

Please note that behavioural issues require a behaviour consultation with a behaviour plan and cannot be resolved within a training consultation. Depending on how many exercises you would like to work on will depend on how much time is allocated and how many consultations may be required.

Cost: 30min - $50, 45min - $75, 60min - $100


Conducted at Forest Hill Veterinary Hospital

Our puppy preschool program is for puppies 8-16 weeks of age. Getting the correct advice when you have a new puppy is crucial for having a well adjusted and confident adult dog. The 4 week course is on Tuesday evenings and focuses on:

  • Socialisation

  • Problem solving for toilet training, puppy mouthing, jumping on visitors & more

  • Building a strong relationship between you & your family

  • Basic puppy training such as go to your mat, drop, walking on lead, etc

Cost: $120



Thorough & Individualised

Private dog training consultations are available for dogs with specific behavioural problems. The initial consultation is 1.5hrs in your home and involves a thorough behavioural assessment, discussions to identify any specific behavioural problem/s and a thorough training plan is developed for your specific situation so that you and your dog can achieve your goals. You will be coached through any relevant exercises in order to modify your dog's behaviour. Each lesson includes a thorough behaviour report.

Cost: $192.70

Get in touch if you require more information or to enrol!


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