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Reactive to Resilient Forms

These forms must be completed prior to classes starting in order to be accepted into enrolment.

Specialty Group Training Forms

Are they desexed?
Do you consent to possible photos and videos of you and/or your dog to be shared on social media sites, google and the website?

Safety Policies and Measures:
At Perfect Paws Behaviour Solutions, we prioritise the safety and well-being of all participants. We have implemented strict policies and safety measures to minimise risks associated with our reactive dog classes. These measures include:

  • Limiting class sizes to ensure a controlled environment.

  • Conducting thorough behavioural assessments of all dogs prior to participation.

  • Utilising safe and effective training methodologies.

  • Proving each participant with safety connectors to ensure dog's are safely secured within their equipment

  • Structure of classes is modified to suit the needs of each individual class

Terms & Conditions Agreement:

  1. Assumption of Risk: By enrolling in these group classes, I acknowledge and accept that participation involves inherent risks, including but not limited to interactions with other dogs and environmental factors. Perfect Paws Behaviour Solutions and its representatives shall not be held liable for any injury, loss, or damage to you, your dog, or your property arising from participation in the classes.

  2. Indemnification: You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Perfect Paws Behaviour Solutions, its trainers, employees, and agents from any and all claims, demands, actions, liabilities, expenses, or losses arising from your participation in the reactive dog classes.

  3. Medical Emergencies: In the event of a medical emergency involving your dog, you assume all financial responsibility for any veterinary care or medical treatment required.

  4. Behavioural Assessment: Perfect Paws Behaviour Solutions reserves the right to assess your dog's behaviour throughout the course. If at any time it is determined that your dog is not coping well or poses a danger to the safety of other dogs or participants, Perfect Paws Behaviour Solutions reserves the right to remove your dog from the group class.

  5. Partial Refund Policy: If your dog is removed from the class for the aforementioned reasons, you will be eligible for a partial refund. The refund will be calculated as the total class fee minus the cost of any lessons already attended plus a $75 administration fee.

  6. Attendance & Cancelations: Regular attendance is crucial for the success of the training. No make-up sessions will be offered for missed classes, and no refunds will be provided for missed classes. If you choose to cancel your participation, this must be done in writing no later than 7 days from the first scheduled lesson date in order to receive a refund.

  7. Changes to Schedule: Perfect Paws Behaviour Solutions reserves the right to reschedule classes due to unforeseen circumstances. Participants will be notified in advance, and efforts will be made to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

Regarding the above Terms & Conditions Agreement:

Received. Thank you!

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